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USS Lexington Model Dedication


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14 May 2012
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Debbie Crites, Marketing Director
361. 888. 4873 Ext. 307
Kim Bridger, PR & Marketing Coordinator

Corpus Christi – In conjunction with Lexington’s 20th Anniversary Celebration the Board of Directors and Staff of the USS Lexington Museum will unveil a newly restored model of Lexington, “The Blue Ghost”, at the Corpus Christi International Airport.

Originally built in 1992, the model has been renovated – beautiful blue Murano Glass was added as the water and the entire stand and platform is covered with mosaic tiles.

“The Blue Ghost” model renovation was made possible by Jay Wise, USMC and Charles Doraine and is dedicated in memory of the museum’s dear friend Bonnie Pereida.

Kim Bridger, PR and Marketing Coordinator at the airport stated, “The USS Lexington is a community treasure and we are so happy to have the newly designed replica here at the airport for citizens and visitors to Corpus Christi to enjoy.”

“Before the model was removed from the airport for renovation, we often saw visitors walking around it who were absolutely mesmerized by what they saw. The new display is fabulous and we are happy to have it back for visitors to enjoy.”

WHAT: Lexington “Blue Ghost” Model Dedication
WHERE: Corpus Christi International Airport – 2nd Floor of Terminal
WHEN: Wednesday, May 16, 2012, 3:00 PM