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Camp LEX

An Overnight Adventure

About the Program

An overnight adventure awaits your Scout troop or nonprofit youth group when you stay the night aboard USS Lexington, a mighty, record-setting World War II aircraft carrier-turned museum located on Corpus Christi Bay. You’ll hear stories from the ship’s illustrious past—covering topics like kamikaze and torpedo attacks, the manpower it takes to navigate an aircraft carrier, and being named the “Blue Ghost” by Tokyo Rose herself. The chapters of this living history lesson unfold over 11 different levels within the ship, giving curious minds a hands-on experience that reflects on the sacrifices made by a heroic generation, builds camaraderie, inspires love of learning, and is just plain fun!

One Night Program

The Camp LEX one night  stay is an ideal program for young scouts, homeschoolers, and adventure seekers aged 7 years or older. The overnight itinerary serves as a lesson plan and includes all five tour routes of the ship, stories of historical events from her past, a scavenger hunt, a film in the 3D MEGA Theater, LEX ghost stories, two trips through the chow line, bunking in original crew quarters, an unforgettable patriotic flag ceremony, and so much more!

Two Night Program

camp lex graphics

Camp LEX also offers two-night overnight programs and that includes a bonus gift for each group and some additional fun—one free flight simulator ride for each member of your group!

We offer several badge workshops  that can be arranged for your second day aboard, available at an additional charge. We can also help your troop or group arrange to spend the day working on a volunteer service project, whether on the ship swabbing the deck or washing aircraft, cleaning up a park on North Beach, or working with the rangers at Padre Island National Seashore, which is about 30 minutes away.

With a two-night stay, your group may opt to use your second day to visit some of Corpus Christi’s other great attractions like the Texas State Aquarium (our neighbor right next door), the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History, or one of the area’s water parks or beaches. We are very flexible with two-night itineraries and will work with your group leader to make your weekend stay aboard the USS Lexington Museum the very best experience.


1200-1500 Arrival & Check-In
1600 Film—”Aircraft Carrier: Guardian of the Seas”
1645 Quarters
1700 Dinner
1800 Patriotic Flag Ceremony
1830 Self-Guided Tours/Scavenger Hunt
2130 Ghost Stories
2245 Tattoo
2300 Taps (Lights Out)
(Subject to change)
0645 Reveille
0800 Breakfast
0845 Morning Colors, Final Quarters, Patches Awarded
0900 Departures
(Subject to change)

Reserve Your Overnight

Make a Reservation

To book an overnight for your group, please click the “Make a Reservation” box to fill out the online reservation form and submit with your deposit payment information. In order to process your reservation and tentatively hold the date for your group, we must have both the reservation form and the deposit submitted. You will receive email confirmation when your reservation is accepted. Please understand that your reservation request is NOT COMPLETE without both of these items.

You must enter 1st and 2nd choices of dates that your group would like to spend the night aboard USS Lexington. We work hard to try to honor your group’s first choice, but with limited weekend availability due to COVID-19 constraints and safety protocols, please be prepared to accept your second choice.

Because of the popularity of the Camp LEX program, we suggest reservations be made as early as possible. Six months in advance is recommended. Full payment is required sixty days in advance to consider your reservation final.

Payment of Fees:
Please exercise great care in establishing the count of your group. The exact number of overnighters and total payment is due sixty (60) days prior to arrival. The number of attendees may not decrease after the sixty-day guarantee and absolutely no refunds will be made after that date. All refund requests must come through the group’s point of contact who made the reservation. At no time will LEX issue refunds to individual group members, regardless of arrival date.


$ 75

per night

Each attendee is $75 per night. No tentative reservations will be accepted and a deposit of $100.00 per group, per night, is required to confirm your group’s reservation. In the event of group cancellation, the deposit is not refundable but may be credited to future reservations if done sixty (60) days prior to original arrival date.

To arrange a council-wide campout or to reserve an overnight for groups of 100 or more, please contact our Program Registrar at

If you’d like to ask any questions or need additional information before booking your online reservation request, please call us at 361-888-4873 ext 321 or 800-LADY LEX ext 321.


Arrival Time

The check-in briefing is an important part of your group’s overnight experience. Therefore, you are requested to drive in a caravan to have all of your vehicles arrive at the same time. If you must make an exception or if your group is experiencing delays to your scheduled arrival time, please call the Camp LEX Program Registrar at 361-888-4873, ext. 321 or 1-800-LADY-LEX, ext. 321.


Vehicles are not permitted on the pier. Campers are expected to carry sleeping bags and other gear on board. The Camp Lex program is conducted in a fun, spirited but military manner. Falling in, stowing your gear and following orders are all part of this unique and memorable experience.

Equipment Needed

Each overnight camper must bring a pillow, sleeping bag, toiletries, towel and flashlight. Hand sanitizer and insect repellent are also advisable.

Group I.D.

Wristbands will be issued upon arrival and must be worn at all times on board LEX.


Lockers are available in berthing compartments. Each camper should bring a lock to secure his or her valuables and personal belongings.


  • Dinner and breakfast are provided for overnight stays.
  • Dietary restrictions MUST be specified before arrival for accommodation.
  • NO food is allowed in the berthing areas. Please do not bring food items of any kind with you. If your dietary needs require special food you may bring it in an ice chest and we will make arrangements to store it outside of the berthing area.
  • Vending machines are available for snacks in the lounge.

Packing Tips

• All gear must be carried down one or two steep stairways (ladders), so please pack light/do not overpack. We recommend duffle bags or backpacks, NOT suitcases.
• Close-toed shoes highly recommended.
• Male and female berthing areas are separate. Parents if you are visiting with opposite sex children you will need to pack separate bags.
• There are a few electrical outlets in berthing areas and more are available in the lounge and gameroom.

Simultaneous Events Notice

Due to other events and activities that are held on board the USS Lexington Museum, it is possible that a banquet, dinner dance, or other special event may take place during your group’s visit. There are many ways to get around a ship of this size, so your group may be asked to reroute in order to stay clear of the event area. Please be considerate of other guests.

Sleeping Areas

All campers are assigned specific berthing compartments and must respect the privacy of other campers. Restroom facilities (heads) include showers. Most berthing compartments are climate controlled; however, when all such areas have been filled, campers may be assigned areas having ventilation only. Groups will be required to share berthing areas to accommodate males and females separately. In addition, LEX can hold more than one group at a time and groups may participate in activities together. Please contact the Live Aboard Office if this presents a problem.

Frequently Asked Questions


Participants must be at least 7 years of age.


A deposit of $100.00 per night deposit is required to confirm your group’s reservation. No tentative reservations will be accepted. In the event of group cancellation, deposit is not refundable but may be credited, on a one-time basis only, to a future reservation date if cancellation is made at least sixty (60) days prior to original arrival date.

Leader/Camper Ratio

One leader is required for every 5 campers.

Payment of Fees

The exact number of persons camping and total payment is due sixty (60) days prior to arrival. Please exercise great care in establishing the count of your group. The number of attendees may not decrease after the sixty-day guarantee and absolutely no refunds will be made after that date. At no time will LEX accept refund requests from individual group members, regardless of arrival date – all contact is through the group leader.

What Does It Cost?

Cost of the program is $75.00 a night per person. This cost includes overnight stay in crew quarters, two meals (dinner and breakfast), self-guided tour of LEX, planned activities on board and admission to the 3D MEGA Theater. Also available at additional costs: Ship’s Store and The Mess Deck Cafe (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.), Flight Simulator ($5.00 per person), vending machines, and a coin-operated game room.

Who Can Participate?

Program Availability – The program is available to all organized youth groups: Church, School, YMCA/YWCA, BSA, GSA, etc. Each group must have a minimum of 15 persons. Unless a total minimum of 30 persons (youth and leaders) from all groups has reservations for any one-day, LEX reserves the right to cancel reservations at any time.