LEX Trivia

Whether you are a naval history buff, or a novice, the LEXINGTON is full of trivia and fun facts for all to enjoy.

Take a Guess

How big is the flight deck?

The flight deck is equal to more than two acres

How many football games can fit on the flight deck?

You could play 3 football games at the same time on USS LEXINGTON’s flight deck

How many basketball games can fit on the flight deck?

You could play 14 basketball games at the same time on USS LEXINGTON’s flight deck

How long was LEX active?

40 YEARS! LEX has steamed more miles and served longer than any other Essex Class carrier in the world

How much fuel does LEX carry?

LEX carries enough gasoline to drive your car around the world 132 times

How long can LEX sail nonstop?

LEX carries enough fuel to sail nonstop for 30,000 miles

How many miles has LEX steamed?

Has steamed a total of 209,000 miles (equivalent to 8 times around the world)

How many times has LEX crossed the equator?

LEX has crossed the equator 14 times and the International Date Line 6 times

How much sleeping space does LEX have?

LEX has more sleeping space than the largest hotel in the world

How many telephones does LEX have?

LEX has more telephones than a city of 5,000

How much electric power can LEX produce?

LEX can produce enough electric power to supply a city of 150,000

Did you know?

LEX was the first:

  • Aircraft Carrier in US Naval history to have women stationed aboard as crew members (18 Aug. 1980)
  • Carrier to conduct flight operations in the area of Cape Horn
  • Carrier to establish a seagoing High School (21 Sept. 1967)
  • Foreign heavy fleet carrier to enter Tokyo Bay
  • Carrier to deploy air-to-surface missiles
  • Carrier to hold the CVT (Navy Training Carrier) and the AVT-Auxiliary training carrier designations

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