From history to physics and everything in between, there’s so much to learn aboard LEX.

Sometimes the best lessons are taught outside of the classroom. Schools, scout and youth groups from all over the country have climbed aboard LEX for an adventure like no other. It’s a floating classroom that’s full of history and inspiring stories.
Once you step foot aboard this WWII aircraft carrier you become a part of the story. So get ready to embark on a journey like no other.

Choose Your Adventure


Self Guided Tour

Touring this 16-deck, 33,000-ton aircraft carrier is a big adventure! Groups will prepare for battle as the pilots did in the Ready Room, inspect historic aircraft on the flight and hangar decks, tour the Admirals Quarters and Engine room and relive the last-ditch Japanese kamikaze campaign. They will learn this and much more about the ship, the people and the times of WWII. It’s a patriotic lesson unparalleled in this day and age.

3D Mega Theater

Along with the tour, your group will also watch larger-than-life heroes become just that on our three-story-tall 3D MEGA Theater. This large format theater will give any group goosebumps and make the imagination run wild. All films are selected for their ability to teach something new and inspire us to achieve. Many come with related classroom curriculum for use before or after your visit.

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History Aboard Ship

It is an activity-filled scavenger hunt for facts. The Hunt for History informs students of events after WWI and the events leading up to WWII with emphasis on USS LEXINGTON CV-16. It is a self-guided hunt using the ship’s numbering system.

Level: 5th grade – 12th grade. Minimum – 10.

Social Studies at Sea

“Raptor Five, you are cleared for LEARNING. Hands-on approach, t-minus five, four, three, two…” Using USS Lexington as the classroom students will be taught the fundamental principals of Social Studies. Experienced educators who served in the Navy, Army and Marines will teach our four stations of History, Geography, Citizenship and Science and Technology.

Level 1st grade – 5th grade. Maximum – 80 per class


Students will get a lesson in the application of physics aboard an aircraft carrier. They will be shown how the use of pulleys allows large objects to be lifted easily, through a series of tests. They will move a 2500-pound aircraft tow tractor using the ship’s hangar bay at the Ramp-It-Up station to measure the amount of force required to move weight up the ramps. LEX offers an extraordinary learning environment by utilizing the ship’s size and range of facilities.

Level: Pre K – 5th grade. Maximum – 80 per class.


Live Aboard Overnight Program

Your group can even camp-out on LEX! Our Live Aboard program gives your group the opportunity to sleep in real crew quarters, have meals in the galley, tour LEX and more! They’ll go home with a souvenir patch and memories for a lifetime.

For more information or to book your overnight adventure, email Live Aboard or call 361-888-4873 ext 321 or 800-LADY-LEX ext 321

For more information or to book your group tour, email Education or call 361-888-4873 ext 306 or 800-LADY-LEX ext 306

Action & Exhibits

Flight simulator. 3-D Mega Theater. Pearl Harbor. The action never stops, with endless features and exhibits to give you a true naval experience!


We have several options for self or group tours. Whichever you choose, touring this 16-deck, 33,000-ton aircraft carrier is something you have to see.

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