Work Aboard the LEX

Job Openings Aboard USS Lexington

Candidates can apply in person at 2914 N. Shoreline Blvd Monday-Friday 9:00-3:00 or submit their resume to Lori Frank at Lori@usslexington.com

Damage Control

Fire watch/ first aid

  1. Log and report incidents during shifts.
  2. Contact the appropriate department heads to handle incidents.
  3. Take charge of incidents on the ship
  4. Must have the ability to use judgment and discretion in various situations.
  5. Must have basic knowledge of first aid procedures.
  6. Secure pier for delivery of equipment- clear when necessary.
  7. Make announcements over 1MC system as needed.
  8. Direct phone calls and answer phone at Damage Control station when necessary.
  9. Turn on #16, Flag and Friendship lights at appropriate times.
  10. Direct Fire Department personnel to areas on ship when Fire Department or EMS are called.
  11. Daily or semi-weekly inventory of main hangar deck fire locker, air packs, extinguisher, bunkers, and first aid equipment.
  12. Responsible for the safekeeping of OD keys and keys to various equipment and department.
  13. Answer questions to visitors as needed, including general Lexington information as well as directing requests to various departments. Must be competent to direct visitors.
  14. Must be capable of understanding and implementing the Lexington’s Safety Program.
  15. Must be capable of understand and implementing the Lexington’s Heavy Weather Plan.
  16. Must interact with Lexington crewmembers, therefore must be familiar with crew and their responsibilities.
  17. Perform any other job duties as delegated by Director of Operations.

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