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Welcome Aboard!

Get Ready for Summer!

LEX is gearing up for a terrific summer season.  From Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend we are open from 9am to 6pm. (Gate closes at 5:30pm)

Monday 30 May 2pm – Join us for our Memorial Day Ceremony

New Exhibits:

Pearl HarborTwo high-end solid state synchronized digital computer controlled projection systems with state-of-the-art animation software and an 8000 watt sound system depict the day that thrust America into World War II. You can feel the rumblings of the explosions through the use of transducers built into the walkway surrounding the exhibit.

The Captain’s In-Port Quarters exhibit provides an intimate look inside the Captain’s life when not at sea. Here, audiovisual projection enables a mannequin of the Captain to come to life with moving lips, blinking eyes, and voice as he welcomes visitors to his ship.

The Combat Information Center (CIC) exhibit delights visitors with holographic projections of a CIC watch team explaining their duties.

Engine Room – Meet “Charlie” has he tells the story of being on board when the Torpedo hit LEX on 4 December.


  • Smart Phone Tour
  •  NEW 3D Giant Screen Experience in the Joe Jessel MEGA Theater – “Aircraft Carrier 21st Century Sea Power”
  • World of Wars Gaming Stations