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USS Lexington Unveils First F9F-8 Cougar Painted Pink in Support of Breast Cancer Awareness

See the “Heliconia” Pink Plane on the Flight Deck Through Oct. 31st

The USS Lexington today unveiled the very first F9F-8 Cougar painted in pink. The F9F-8 Cougar will be on display on the flight deck through the end of October in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

The idea was presented by the Director of Operations & Exhibits, Rusty Reustle, from a technique he observed Disney using while filming the blockbuster movie, Pearl Harbor, aboard LEX. Dishwashing liquid is applied to latex paint and prevents the paint from becoming permanent. The paint color on the F9F-8 Cougar is a vibrant shade of pink called “Heliconia.”

The F9F-8 Cougar is the swept wing version of its forerunner, the F9F Panther — Grumman’s first jet fighter plane. The Blue Angels flew with the F9F-8 and one –8T from 1955 to 1958. The USS Lexington chose a fighter plane in support of all who have fought and continue to fight the battle of cancer.

Download Full Press Release (PDF)

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