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*NEW* Pearl Harbor Exhibit

The Japanese attack on the American military base at Pearl Harbor is remembered within a wide-range of exhibits. The exhibit “Pearl Harbor: Course of Valor” was currently renovated and debuted on Pearl Harbor Day, 7 December 2014 with a ribbon cutting ceremony by four local Pearl Harbor Survivors. Two high-end solid-state synchronized digital computer controlled projection systems with state-of-the-art animation software and an 8000 watt sound system will depict the day that thrust America into World War II. Feel the rumblings of the explosions through the use of transducers built into the walkway surrounding the exhibit. Rodolfo Magnus with Magni Gadgets, LLC of Austin, Texas, designed this new exhibit. The “Pearl Harbor: The Making of a Movie” exhibit displays photographs, memorabilia, and props from the 2001 Disney movie “Pearl Harbor,” which was filmed in part aboard the Lexington. Artifacts on loan from the USS Arizona Memorial are also on display in this exhibit area.